The Walking Dead Returns Oct 12

Here’s the first preview of what’s coming up in season 5 of The Walking Dead.

YouTube Preview Image
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Zombie Survival Guide


It’s one of the most read books around for zombie fans, and for a great, low price, this staple of survivalism will definitely come in handy for you should Fukushima or any future nuclear disaster help resurrect the dead. It’s none other than The Zombie Survival Guide. It’s 272 pages of ways to save your ass from those who wish to eat you and then convert you to one of their own undead legions.

It’s more or less assured that if there’s a zombie revival and you haven’t read this book, your chances of dying go up to around 100%. No one wants that, so why shouldn’t you buy this book? Are you zombie chow waiting to be consumed? We don’t think you are.

The book is really well illustrated and comprehensive so you’re more than prepared for when you feel more than a slight nibbling on your ear, followed by incomprehensible syllables said by a stinking, angry corpse trying to kill you. It even goes into the mind of a zombie, telling you the physiology and behavior of them, while preparing you with essential and effective defense maneuvers that will knock those zombie bastards’ heads off.

Weaponry is also covered with this book. Throwing toilet paper and various Q-Tips will probably not save you from zombies who see you as food. Shovels and shotguns however are far more effective and have longer range than cotton swabs or cardboard rolls.

Outfitting will also be part of what keeps you from dying and then chewing on your friends in a most coarse and rude fashion. Long sieges are what you should prepare for with zombie attacks. They just don’t give up and there are so many dead bodies around, it’s just hard to really know when they run out!

As a whole, it’s a fun read and anyone looking to kill some time and laugh should read it.

See all about it HERE

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The Walking Dead Mid Season 4 trailer

Teaser/trailer for the mid season (four) premiere of The Walking Dead (returning in February, 2014)

YouTube Preview Image
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Walking Dead Prison Set

walking dead prison

This is the prison set that was built for The Walking Dead. I never realized just how big it was.

Also, if you’re anything like me, you’re waiting impatiently for the season to continue. So just saying that it’s just over 5 weeks until it returns to complete it.

walking dead

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The Walking Dead Game Season 2

Warning: If you have not yet played Tell Tale Games’ episodic computer game, The Walking Dead…what are you doing here reading this article? Go out and play it, no…seriously, go to Steam, or your other preferred platform, buy the complete edition (or the game of the year edition, which will include the 400 days additional content,) sit your ass down, and play it. Then come back, so this warning about a potential spoiler doesn’t mean anything.

The Walking Dead Season 2

With the success of Tell Tale Games, The Walking Dead’s first series, which sold over 21 million copies worldwide, it is practically a no-brainer that the developer studio is producing a second season of this franchise. Since they also are producing a second potential franchise, The Wolf Among us, this is potentially an ambitious expansion of the studio’s workload. Regardless, if their continued popularity and creativity is any indication it looks like we are in for a hell of a ride with the second season of The Walking Dead.

The big change in the second season? (Here’s the spoiler, in case you haven’t played the game.) Is this time you play Clementine, alone, after the loss of her protector during the first season. According to press releases from Tell Tale Games, this second season takes place many months, perhaps as much as two years after the original season. During this time, Clementine has grown and learned how to live in a zombie infested world, where no one potentially can be trusted.

Robert Kirkman’s world tends to place an emphasis on the character interactions, and how societal rules break down once everything goes to hell, so it’s no surprise that the emphasis in the second season likely is who Clementine can trust among the various people she meets. Dan Conners said the following about the continuing series,
“The terrifying nature of Robert Kirkman’s world has allowed Telltale to push the boundaries of interactive drama in video games to a place that has had fans anxious to know what will happen next in this series,”

Tell Tale Games set a new high bar for modern adventure games. They’ve developed an excellent balance between point-and-click stories of previous generations, and modern game play into a mix that is an amazing vehicle for storytelling. To paraphrase Mike and Jerry from Penny-Arcade, Tell Tale Games finally got episodic games right with the first season of The Walking Dead, and with The Wolf Among us and the new season for The Walking Dead it looks like they plan on continuing this success. If you can’t wait for the first episode, you won’t have to wait too long, since Tell Tale Games plans on a November release for the first episode.

The release date is December 31, 2013 but you can see all the details or pre-order for a discount HERE

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2014 How To Survive A Zombie Attack Calendar

zombie attack calendar

Wait, you don’t know how to survive a Zombie attack? Where have you been hiding? Zombie attacks are happening more and more, with them striking the most unlikely of places on a daily basis! Ah, no, wait, that’s just happening in the awesome movies and TV shows that are popping up recently. Well, how about picking up this handy How to Survive a Zombie Attack Calendar to hang in a handy spot in your home, just in case you’re the next target? Featuring great imagery, there are some really handy tips to make sure you’re ready for the day when it comes – be sure to hang it somewhere where you can read it often so you don’t have to think, because one day, and one day soon, you may not have a brain to be able to think with…!

zombie attack backside

CLICK HERE for more info

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Zombie Bite Calculator

zombie bite calculator

13 questions to answer to see how long before you’d become infected.

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The Walking Dead 2014 Wall Calendar

The Walking Dead returns to televisions tonight with the new season premiere so I thought I’d commemorate with the new calendar.


The Walking Dead 2014 calendar is full of excellent quality photos taken straight out from the hit TV show, including some survivors as well as walkers. If you’re into the Walking Dead, we see this awesome calendar as a must-have for any fan. Even if you’re not a fan of zombie movies, zombie cats, zombie dogs, zombies zombies and more zombies, this calendar would make a fantastic present for someone who is. Put a smile on their face with this authentic, sturdy and well-designed wall calendar!

calendar backside

One of the main stars of the show, Rick Grimes is featured in the calendar, as he should be, roaming the land fighting for survival with his trusted and some not-so-trusted followers. The show has taken our TV screens by storm with memorabilia and other cool items popping up all over the place and this calendar is definitely up there as one of the ‘must-haves’.

You can find the details and specs HERE

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Boojum Zombie Fun Run 2013

Boojum Zombie Fun Run 2013


Fun Run Offers Spooky Amusement
(Temecula, California)

Zombies and humans alike are invited to join the spookiest, most fun run in the valley October 26th as the Boojum Institute hosts its family friendly “Boojum Zombie Run” to benefit experiential education.

“Human” runners are chased by “Zombie” participants through an entertaining and “infested” course while wearing three flags around their waists, such as in flag football. Once a runner loses all three flags to Zombies, he or she becomes “infected” and must reach a mock triage area for de-contamination.

The 5k run will navigate down zombie-infested trails, through spooky tunnels and over obstacles to reach the safety of a triage area. There will be specific “safe” areas where Zombies are unable to chase participants or take any life flags. There will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles that may be physically challenging, but not impossible. The obstacles will test runners’ strength, speed and the cooperation between runners and their fellow hopeful survivors. Runners will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive their way to the finish line while being pursued by Zombies.

After the run, participants are invited to stay and enjoy the family friendly activities and fantastic food and beverages. Adults are invited to enjoy the beer and wine garden. The evening will culminate with a showing of ParaNorman which will be shown in a park-like setting on a 25ft outdoor movie screen. The movie is free with registration.

The event is staged to benefit Boojum Institute for Experiential Education, which serves youth in Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties. “We do this by reaching students in meaningful ways,” said Kurt Merrill, Executive Director. “We are fostering positive peer relationships, building self-confidence and teaching environmental stewardship by connecting individuals with nature and each other through a shared hands-on experience in the out-of-doors.”

Event Details: The Boojum family friendly Zombie Run will be held at Galway Downs, 38801 Corrallitos Rd., Temecula from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. Human runners (those being chased) are $30; Zombie runners (those doing the chasing) are $50—please note: there are a limited number of Zombies accepted. Early Registration is recommended! Zombies can either come in costume, or utilize on site makeup artists.

Kids under 10 are just $10 each and a family pack is $65, which includes tickets for two adults and two children. No Zombies are allowed in the family pack. Runners under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Weapons or mock weapons, pets, off-site food, alcohol or drinks are not allowed.

Registration is now open at . For more information, please call 951-763-4102.

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Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Figure & Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Figure & Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set

Walking Dead fans! Here we find Daryl Dixon with his trusty chopper, angel wings stitched biker vest, hunting knife, and current crossbow, and the action figure has the Daryl’s likeness via a full 3D scan of Norman Reedus himself. The chopper includes the lightning-bolt insignia on the tank, skull decal, and saddlebags and is the first vehicle to be included in the Walking Dead action figure product line.

Get more details now CLICK HERE

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